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Ok first lemme say that this game is fun but only when you are not watching adds. I mean srsly, I would say that about 80% of the app is adds. Not only that but it friggin glitches SOOOO much!!! When I went to press a couple blocks at once, it would freeze for a second then destroy the block that I pressed the second time. Which would lead to me FAILING the game. It's all about the money for game makers now. All they care about is adds to get money, and they don't even make a good game!!!!!😡😡😡 ITS NOT WORTH IT HON!!!!!! 😡

fun but glitchy

very laggy. affects gameplay. seems strange that such a simple game would have such serious glitches and lags.

Great game, appalled at advertising

I downloaded the game for my 7 year old daughter to give her a game that also makes her brain work a bit. This game is fantastic for that purpose. However, the ads that come up are terrible. There was an ad for a woman who takes off her shirt and comes into her bedroom to find her husband (who is without a shirt) in bed with another woman. Unfortunately I will have to delete the app.

Lagging and studdering

I don’t know what kind of bloatware is in the background but this has gotten extremely laggy. I have the newest iPhone so it’s not about horsepower. What secret nefarious things are happening in the background ?

2! SLOW!

Not fun to lose a game because of lag. Gotta get that sped up.

Slows down when online

I thought the game was just slow because it was loading ads in the background, because turning off my internet prevented ads from loading and the game ran much faster and much more smoothly. But having to constantly switch off my internet to play this addicting game was annoying, so I bought the remove ads purchase and... still slow. No ads when online, but still painfully slow. Much better off just turning off my wifi before playing. Will continue to play offline. If you learn anything from reading this, it's (hopefully) to switch off your internet before playing. You'll still get a banner ad for their other games but no pop-up advert interruptions, and as a bonus the game will run smooth. Removing ads is NOT worth the 3.99 and makes no real difference in how the game runs, (of course, it's never worth more than 0.99 (imo, pretty greedy to push for much more) but I was curious as to whether or not ads were truely the cause of the slow game), and you can effectively do the same thing for free by clicking off one setting in your device. Don't overfeed the pigs. G'day, all.

Fun, but...

Six is a fun time sink, until you keep loading the App Store for suggested apps. Over and over and over and over again. This makes the game unplayable after about five minutes.

Was fun now crap

This game was amazing fun but it’s now incredibly buggy and laggy and glitches all of the time. Terrible software

It’s alright

It’s decent but it lags and freezes a lot which kinda defeats the whole purpose of the game...

Fun, but...

It’s a little glitchy. I get on a roll & then the screen freezes for a couple of seconds several times during the level & I lose momentum. Would be great if not for that.

I can’t even play it.

This game is currently EXTREMELY glitchy. I would play it if this got fixed. It’s a great game, but it’s impossible to play.

Please fix this game ASAP!

This game is simply brilliant—But it is glitchy and laggy. This affects the gameplay and performance which results in frustration.


Easily the most frustratingly laggy game I’ve ever played. Every 30 seconds or so, the banner ad changes, and the game freezes for a few seconds. Most of the time this results in an instant loss. The banner ads seem to be built into the app itself, so switching to airplane mode doesn’t remove them. Pretty much unplayable.


FYI, I quit this game because there are too many ads that last way too long. Other free games have ads that don’t pop up as often and don’t last nearly as long. Waste of my time. More time watching ads than playing.


Really like the game, but way too much lagging between moves. It freezes and by the time it’s working again, the blocks have moved.

Slow Reaction

Slow response time


Six is an amazing game but every round there has to be an ad so I kind of hate it and am going to delete it so don’t download.

Three stars only

I paid 3.99 for no ads and keep getting ads! I try rating it with 3 stars and to submit a review you have to give it 4 or 5 stars the least.

I don’t get bored with this game.

It’s become my therapy game if I need to de-stress and chill out. Good game. Good therapy! 😎

An absolutely terrible game now

It used to be very fun until glitches/lag was added and never fixed, uninstalled

Good game but too much freezing

It freezes way too much

Several issues

Very laggy game. Several times it will not allow me to click and then the game will end. Also the levels are all basically the same. No increasing difficulty with the challenges, just hard mode.

Glitchy and too many ads

This game only thrives off if it glitching so it miss reads what you tap and the excessive adds that pop up when you fail from a game glitch

Amazing but room for improvement

I love this game so much and I think it’s great. But... the glitches do get really annoying and sometimes I can’t complete a level because of them. They need to be fixed. Also, the white background is really annoying so one request that I have is for like a night mode and day mode option in settings because the white background is so bright and even on the darkest setting of my phone is still enough to give me a headache. I’ve been using the St. Patrick’s day one because that has a dark green background which is fine but it would be better with a night mode option. Also, I feel like a Valentine’s Day or a Christmas hexagon would be cool. Because I’m kind of bored of the regular hexagons(especially the snowflake ones). The Valentine’s Day one could have a red heart on a white background with a pink sheet in the back. Hearts could fly out of it and that would be amazing.The Christmas one could be red and green and snow could fly out of it every time it lands. The background could be green with a red outline. That would be awesome. Please take these ideas into consideration and fix the glitches please. Thank you!😊

False advertising

Paid $3.99 to remove ads, still getting ads. Emailed the developer, no response. Game is okay, but this deal burns me

Weird stuff

Was a fun game for a while. Actually pretty good game to just play for a couple minutes if you don't have a lot of time. The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because it kept on trying to send me to the App Store and show me apps that I didn't care about. I had to close the app every time. Very frustrating.


This game glitches a lot. So much so that most rounds I lose because of freezing or glitching affecting which blocks I’ve tapped. Uninstalled.

Extremely buggy!

Terrible game!!! Games are meant to be state of art in development. It’s unacceptable a game with lag frames. Specially in this case, where speed matter so much, we have q game that lags every 5 taps and blocks the UI Parallelization is one of the fundamentals.

The most frustrating game but fun!

I love this game I play with my brother all the time thank you for this wonderful game! 😇😇😇😇😇


the game is super choppy

Okay game, but cool idea

The game was great for awhile until this: I was in a car trying to play this game. The internet connection was slow (Which I get) and it was slow and blurry (as usual). And now it’s been almost a year and it’s STILL that way🙄! I loved it now I hate it👎👎👎

Six is a great game but

Six is a great game but every time I play the game it freezes sometimes and it is annoying. It freezes for a second and stops and it repeatedly does it over and over.

Love it soooooo much

Love it I needed a good game to play and this is perfect 😁😀

Fun but small problem

As I play the screen sometimes freezes and then becomes I can’t react because of that by the time it comes back on the ball falls.

i love this game but!!!

it is wayyy too slow, i’m talking slower than grandma driving on the freeway in 5 o’clock traffic, and just as jerky!! you tap a block and it won’t disappear till 5 seconds after causing the ball to dive over the side like the people on the titanic and then you dead! (just like the people on the titanic, but that’s irrelevant)

Fun game

Six is a fun game but now it is very laggy! I hope you can fix this bug soon so I can play without lags! Besides that the game is fun so yeah! If you play fortnite friend me!!! My name is TrashDog925

Suuuuuuper glitchy

Game messes up every time bc it’s glitching, so it doesn’t register when I click on the screen.

Inappropriate ads!

This shows extremely inappropriate ads for children!! Absolutely disgusting!!

Good game MAJOR flaws

The game is really fun but it constantly freezes. This kills the game. Sometimes it doesn’t respond when you tap a block which is also annoying.

Glitch Kingdom

Amazing idea and graphics but I can’t handle the glitches and pausing while mid playing.


I really like this game because it really helps me calm down and it helps me with logic and math but all of that goes away for one reason laaaaaaaagggggg I would put 5stars instead of 3 if you guys stop the lag. And no it is not my WiFi or my Hotspot I have twelve other games working perfectly fine so please fix the lag thank you

Amazing ,,,can't stop playing it

Wow. This game is so addictive. I can't stop playing it.

Fun but ruined by bugs

The concept of the game is actually really good, I like to play it but I find myself to not time and time again because of the bugs. It lags out if you touch the blocks, and that’s the whole game. You can’t play if the game lags out for even 1/4 of a second because then the hexagon will be off the edge. I really like the concept of the game, so please fix


Game lags after clicking and can’t see where the block goes until it’s already falling off

Now it’s glitchy

I sometimes decide to play six whenever I’m bored or in need of a puzzle. But just sometimes with the new updates it breaks random blocks, Glitches off the edge for no reason or even making blocks immune when I try to break them. A fun game has turned to a broken, glitchy and another game to rage on. Please fix six!


It’s a good game except the constant lag spike that freezes the game every 3 secongd

Always lagging

Everytime I play it lags and no it’s not because of WiFi it Happens everywhere I go the game is overall fun but the lag makes it worse



Bug issues

Great game. Horrible lag. Besides the game lagging a lot, would recommend.

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