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Amazing but room for improvement

I love this game so much and I think it’s great. But... the glitches do get really annoying and sometimes I can’t complete a level because of them. They need to be fixed. Also, the white background is really annoying so one request that I have is for like a night mode and day mode option in settings because the white background is so bright and even on the darkest setting of my phone is still enough to give me a headache. I’ve been using the St. Patrick’s day one because that has a dark green background which is fine but it would be better with a night mode option. Also, I feel like a Valentine’s Day or a Christmas hexagon would be cool. Because I’m kind of bored of the regular hexagons(especially the snowflake ones). The Valentine’s Day one could have a red heart on a white background with a pink sheet in the back. Hearts could fly out of it and that would be amazing.The Christmas one could be red and green and snow could fly out of it every time it lands. The background could be green with a red outline. That would be awesome. Please take these ideas into consideration and fix the glitches please. Thank you!😊

False advertising

Paid $3.99 to remove ads, still getting ads. Emailed the developer, no response. Game is okay, but this deal burns me

Weird stuff

Was a fun game for a while. Actually pretty good game to just play for a couple minutes if you don't have a lot of time. The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because it kept on trying to send me to the App Store and show me apps that I didn't care about. I had to close the app every time. Very frustrating.


This game glitches a lot. So much so that most rounds I lose because of freezing or glitching affecting which blocks I’ve tapped. Uninstalled.

Extremely buggy!

Terrible game!!! Games are meant to be state of art in development. It’s unacceptable a game with lag frames. Specially in this case, where speed matter so much, we have q game that lags every 5 taps and blocks the UI Parallelization is one of the fundamentals.

The most frustrating game but fun!

I love this game I play with my brother all the time thank you for this wonderful game! 😇😇😇😇😇


the game is super choppy

Okay game, but cool idea

The game was great for awhile until this: I was in a car trying to play this game. The internet connection was slow (Which I get) and it was slow and blurry (as usual). And now it’s been almost a year and it’s STILL that way🙄! I loved it now I hate it👎👎👎

Six is a great game but

Six is a great game but every time I play the game it freezes sometimes and it is annoying. It freezes for a second and stops and it repeatedly does it over and over.

Love it soooooo much

Love it I needed a good game to play and this is perfect 😁😀

Fun but small problem

As I play the screen sometimes freezes and then becomes I can’t react because of that by the time it comes back on the ball falls.

i love this game but!!!

it is wayyy too slow, i’m talking slower than grandma driving on the freeway in 5 o’clock traffic, and just as jerky!! you tap a block and it won’t disappear till 5 seconds after causing the ball to dive over the side like the people on the titanic and then you dead! (just like the people on the titanic, but that’s irrelevant)

Fun game

Six is a fun game but now it is very laggy! I hope you can fix this bug soon so I can play without lags! Besides that the game is fun so yeah! If you play fortnite friend me!!! My name is TrashDog925

Suuuuuuper glitchy

Game messes up every time bc it’s glitching, so it doesn’t register when I click on the screen.

Inappropriate ads!

This shows extremely inappropriate ads for children!! Absolutely disgusting!!

Good game MAJOR flaws

The game is really fun but it constantly freezes. This kills the game. Sometimes it doesn’t respond when you tap a block which is also annoying.

Glitch Kingdom

Amazing idea and graphics but I can’t handle the glitches and pausing while mid playing.


I really like this game because it really helps me calm down and it helps me with logic and math but all of that goes away for one reason laaaaaaaagggggg I would put 5stars instead of 3 if you guys stop the lag. And no it is not my WiFi or my Hotspot I have twelve other games working perfectly fine so please fix the lag thank you

Amazing ,,,can't stop playing it

Wow. This game is so addictive. I can't stop playing it.

Fun but ruined by bugs

The concept of the game is actually really good, I like to play it but I find myself to not time and time again because of the bugs. It lags out if you touch the blocks, and that’s the whole game. You can’t play if the game lags out for even 1/4 of a second because then the hexagon will be off the edge. I really like the concept of the game, so please fix


Game lags after clicking and can’t see where the block goes until it’s already falling off

Now it’s glitchy

I sometimes decide to play six whenever I’m bored or in need of a puzzle. But just sometimes with the new updates it breaks random blocks, Glitches off the edge for no reason or even making blocks immune when I try to break them. A fun game has turned to a broken, glitchy and another game to rage on. Please fix six!


It’s a good game except the constant lag spike that freezes the game every 3 secongd

Always lagging

Everytime I play it lags and no it’s not because of WiFi it Happens everywhere I go the game is overall fun but the lag makes it worse



Bug issues

Great game. Horrible lag. Besides the game lagging a lot, would recommend.


It’s a really fun game I will admit but the app is EXCEPT it is extremely glitchy

Upgrade needed

This game is fun, but the only problem with it is that when you tap on the pieces half the time they don’t go away. So, you loose or have to go back and redo the level. It can get very frustrating.

Fun, but there are some detrimental lag issues

I am running this on the iPhone 10 using the latest stable release of iOS 10, and there tends to be some pretty bad after I clear a block sometimes. I played it for two minutes and the lag killed me a few times. Seeing an ad come up without skipping a beat after each one is a bit frustrating, too.

Read this!!!!

This game has some glitching issues, and it just gets boring after a while. There isn’t to many ads but the levels are way to easy to pass. Also there are some pretty lame skins. So in my opinion don’t get this game, it’s not worth it.

Game was great, now poor in playability

Blocks do not remove at a fluent pace. This hesitation screws up progress and makes the icon fall off to the side.

It’s sorta glitchy on my part but other than that it’s a good game

Sorta glitchy


this game is fun and it is very easy to play. i did find that the game is very laggy and often makes mistakes on where i am tapping. i recommend if you have good patience with lagginess but other than that it’s an ok game.

Great game, run on airplane mode

Very entertaining. Run on airplane mode for no advertisements, and for some reason it is much less laggy.


it’s been lagging a lot for me. but the overall game is so fun and addictive.

Laggy garbage

I have an iPhone 8 there’s no excuse for it to be unplayable


I am on the X, and I try to play but it’s laggy and causes the game to freeze a lot and unfortunately causes me to die.

The glitchy LAG ruins it.

This game was fun until I started noticing a slight glitch that makes the game freeze for a split second and doesn’t register when you tap on the blocks. Screws me up every time. I’m done with this game until the glitch is fixed.

They cheat.

They cheat

Fun game, doesn't perform well

The game lags. Makes no sense in such a simplistic game. I've got an iPhone 8 which should be able to run it. Maybe it is because I'm running the latest OS verso and they need to optimize. I did close all other apps running in the background just in case. No help.

Used to enjoy, has become unplayable

Sorry. After the last round of updates tge gameplay has gotten so hitchy and glitchy that it’s just unplayable. Used to enjoy; now it gets deleted It’s especially sad because i really suspect the the hitchy glitchyness is being causec mainly by the app trying to access an ad server. —- Good concept for an intriguing puzzle game. Nice mixture of opportunities to take time and think vs times when quick action is necessary. But after the mist recent updates the app has become glitchy and hitchy in ways that wreck gameplay. One star penalty. Also the intrusiveness of ads has been severely escalated, and you lose another star for that. So it’s down from 5 to 3.


To be honest the game isn’t that good from the fact that it bugs out whenever I tap a shape.

Great game with glitches

My title basically sums the whole thing up. I like this game. It truly is a great game and I enjoy it very much. Good job you have done well on this game. However, there are glitches and it’s kind of really annoying and hard to play with them. I’ve never had a problem with glitches in the past but recently they've been there. Also there’s no screen rotation and I would like that. Just some suggestions, but overall it’s pretty good.


This game has serious lags makes it almost impossible to play

No quality control

I always delete apps that allow ads to hijack the volume and mute controls of a device. How incredibly thoughtless of your promotion department to approve of this! People silence their devices so that they do not offend others. Obviously, you could care less!

Fun, but needs work.

This game has a great concept. It is fun, simple and addicting. It is, however, slow and laggy, so for that it earns 3 stars.


Very very laggy

Six review

I rate six 4 stars because the app is fun when I feel bored I play six but I didn’t give it a five star because the challenges are so short I finish them in 7 seconds so my point is I like the app but you should make the challenges taller towers but I mean the app is like obstacle course

Too many ads

It is a fun game Loved playing it ,but now it has too many ads won’t be playing it again.



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