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Brain Power

Put me in a jail cell by myself with this game, and I'll be ok!!


The game is fun and addicting. You can watch 1 add and get enough stars to get a character! I love the app, and it updates regularly. I have this game, and I hope you get it too!

Good I guess



I paid $3.99 to remove ads but it’s still playing ads. Furious!

WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


Too many ads killed experience

Really fun, addictive game ruined by an overload of ads every minute. Too annoying!

Game freezes

Love this game, but lately it has been freezing and lagging badly making it impossible to play. If this issue is resolved i would give 5 stars.

Great game!

I absolutely love this game, but for some reason it started lagging really bad. I’ve been in the same spot for the past 30 minutes playing it but it started lagging the past three levels. And I finally got to level 14 and it’s lagging so bad I’ve attempted level 14 6 times already. Is it the game? If it is please fix it!

Last call!

When you die the game presents the message “Last call!” This is incredibly annoying. I cannot take this message it makes no sense, is irrelevant to the game as a whole, and is just plain annoying. This game would be great within this message. I do not know what it means and it is very annoying. ***PLEASE REMOVE***

Love this game!!

My only problem is that when the game is paused it is way to easy to accidentally start a new game! All you have to do is press the big green button in the middle of the screen and all of a sudden my two hours of gameplay is lost and my new high score forgotten. Other than this issue, this game is perfect!


To many adds

Addicting and fun

This is a fun addicting game even though it gets repetitive. Gradually gets harder so just when you think you’ve mastered all the “patterns” it gets trickier. Yes, there are ads on the free version. If you don’t like ads then pay for the free version...people don’t work for free ya know! My only complaint about the ads is the one for the game Episodes which is very inappropriate for kids to see if they are playing. The game 6 is kid friendly but the ad for Episodes is not. Please remove that specific ad.

Addicting game

" this game is addictive although there are some very annoying ads on your ways to level 100

Love it but...

It is a great game, but like every five min, an add pops up and i cant skip it. Love the game besides that.


I'm not watching your f u c k i n g ads

Awsome job

I tried this game on my cuz phone and it was amazing and I knew I had to have it so I downloaded it and on my dads phone and he likes it to

It’s ok

This game is so amazing and I’m addicted to it but the adds drive me crazy and make me so mad like I’m at a streak and I keep going then bam there’s an annoying ad.I feel like you guys only care about money which is disgusting but ok.

Amazing game


Three two one

This app is ok. I got it and it was fine but a week later the piece of trash decided to start glitching. I can't even finish a stupid level. If it's not fixed soon I'm deleting the app and rewriting this stupid review.

Super addicting!!!!!

I have been playing hours on this game! GET IT NOW!!!!

Amazing Game

I LOVE THIS GAME. It is SO addictive some people don’t like and I don’t either I LOVE IT. Only thing that is a bit of a con is that everytime (for me) I get an ad if I want to restart which for me is very annoying. But since this is game is very interesting I will let it pass. Keep doing what you are doing just reduce the ads and your good to go. Have a good day/night.


Great game but it stress full most of the time


I put 5 stars so it would be more likely seen. The game seems very fun, however, it constantly crashes and freezes and even when I restarted my phone it was doing the same thing!


This game is fun but the ads are very annoying. I would also recommend to turn off notifications because they are also very annoying

Before the ads...

I would have put 5 stars, but now it's $4.00 down the drain to remove distracting ads. Also, BEFORE the ads it was quite calming, and it was easier not to get distracted by random apps we probably won't even consider downloading or purchasing.

Ads even on ad free version

There are a ton of ads in this game with deceptive and hard to find Xs to close the ads. I bought the ad free version and had some creepy text ad still come up that had to close out the game to make go away. I've never requested a refund on a game before but I want my money back.

It great

It great

Best game

Best game ever


I like the game. But, the ads! They keep popping up and pausing gameplay. IMO, the ads shouldn’t show up until I am between levels. Figure this out!

Too Many Adds!

The game itself is good, but the amount of adds they have is ridiculous. After every single round you play there is an ad. This lead me to get sick of the app. It would be addictive by itself, but the adds make me decide to stop playing.

They add !!!!

I'm sorry because this game is really clever and fun but the ads are relentless. I get that it's free so it's how you make money but seriously every other game is 30 second ad. Please fix this

Keeps crashing

Everytime i get in the app it crashes

While it is a fun game

While it is a fun game little adds that you can’t get rid of and it will freeze up you’re game so you can’t play it. It started to happened as soon as I played the game. If the game company can fix that bug then I would defiantly give it 5 stars. Until they fix that bug I have to give it one star I mean o can’t even play it.


It’s so repetitive and annoying and just overall dumb, I absolutely hate this game and I’ve had it several time and uninstalled it everyone of those times, it’s just a waste of space.

i really enjoy the game but...

the ad that comes up completely freezes the game, i have to open the ad and then go back in to play and that wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t LITERALLY every 3 seconds. no i don’t have an old phone, this is an in app issue.

Still getting ads

I’ve paid for this app. I’ve reloaded it and I still get ads. Very disappointed

It was so fun...😭

This game was pretty fun, but then after this newest update, every time I go into the app it crashes, I don't even get to the home screen!!😭 But usually the game is pretty fun...

My record was 3576 but I,m delet this game and now my record is1745

This game is good beacause I,m delet this game and i download again but my original record don,t save.

This used to be fun to play, but not anymore...

I have a habit of playing this game every night. For the last week or so it’s been freezing in the game during the daily game mode. I have even just within the last two days updated the newest version. This advertisement pops up now during the daily games which prevent me from playing this game like I like to do on a daily basis...

Fun but invasive

The game itself is great. But the ads are invasive; they play sound even with the phone on silent. That’s just not ok with me.

Great game, but I have a suggestion

There should be a feature where you can make your own hexagons with your own pictures. Where all you have to do is press upload. And you should have a "shop" where you can make them by closing off sections, and filling them in with color. This would be a great addition to the game, and it would be so cool. Please make this a reality.

Best game ever

This game is awesome i usually don’t play games but this game has an exemption. I can play this game for hours 😍😍😍😍


This game would be so fun, but I have to uninstall it after 5 minutes. The ADs kept popping up all the time. There was an instance where it popped up 4 times in a row. I couldn’t deal with it anymore.

Stupid Update, Ads, And Bugs.

The update is stupid the old way was so much better, I don't even want to play anymore. And even if I do try and play there are so many ads that pop up and they freeze the whole game! I officially hate this game even though I used to love it. I'll go spend my money and time elsewhere.

Game is good bugs are bad

Good game though I am kind of triggered I just got a new high score and I was still going when an ad popped up and cleared my score fix this!!!!!! Because of this I hate your game I WAS DOING SO WELL!!!


I cannot play the game because I soon as you click on anything it freezes. I exit and go back and get it I have deleted it and re-add it and it still freezes. You cannot play this game because it freezes so bad that it just stops sometimes you can catch the first block and sometimes it does nothing. Maybe if they fix it I will give a better rating.

Always freezes from ads

Everytime the ad loads on the side the game freezes and can’t be played.

Freezes up

Was a great little game when I first started playing it. Now it constantly freezes every time I try to play it. Some ad pop up causes it to be unplayable. Would love a fix please.

Best game ever.

I never play games I hate that my husband can have so much fun and lose track of time on his one fave game and I didnt have one UNTIL I found this game! Super fun and addicting and when I'm beat trying to beat my own score I just make it about how much money for new skins I can get! The most expensive are so awesome because they have really cool designs! 😍


Why have adds why make it hard why is it rage full why is it why no difficulty

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