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Too many ads

It is a fun game Loved playing it ,but now it has too many ads won’t be playing it again.




This game was fun and I could play each level without problem. In fact I used to challenge myself to complete each one as fast as I could. Then you came out with the most recent update where there is a speed levels. Great concept but now the game glitches and not recognizing what I tap on. I have read the reviews and I’m not the only one with this problem. Maybe you should work on this.

Fun, but stutters

This was a five star game up until a few weeks back. The latest update did something to the flow of gameplay. Now it will periodically freeze for at least a second or two at random times. Sometimes it’s right when I’m trying to tap on a certain sequence, and it misinterprets my taps, which sometimes results in me losing the level, and I have to start over. Whatever changes were made in the latest update need to be seriously re-examined.

Good concept, but recent versions degrade

Good concept for an intriguing puzzle game. Nice mixture of opportunities to take time and think vs times when quick action is necessary. But after the mist recent updates the app has become glitchy and hitchy in ways that wreck gameplay. One star penalty. Also the intrusiveness of ads has been severely escalated, and you lose another star for that. So it’s down from 5 to 3.

Addictive and awesome

This game is so addictive. I love to play it and it is so much fun. Those are the pros but here are the cons. First of all the ads are way too long. They are like 25 seconds each! Also the skins cost way too much. The coins are hard to earn and I had to watch a million videos to get free coins. When you are buying a skin with coins you don’t even know what you are buying. Then the one you buy is one you do not like and it is a waste of coins. I like this game overall it is fun. I mostly wrote about the cons but there are a ton of pros

I have not played yet


Super fun but glitchy

I love this game! It’s super fun and I can play for hours BUT it can get very glitchy and it lags. It causes me to lose a lot and it’s very frustrating.


I like the concept of the game, but it is very laggy. The game constantly skips/freezes and lags, which really disrupts the fast nature of the gameplay.

Almost Perfect!😀

I hate this game and I wish it never existed! Just kidding!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 I love the game and me, my sis and my mum all are addicted to this game!!!! I have a suggestion and a small Complaint. My suggestion is that you can add friends and computer with them and that type of stuff. My complaint is that I can receive once I die so I have to start over. Like I said before, I still love the game!!! Just think about these adding a and maybe one day add them. Thank you for taking your time to read this!

Get ready for tons of ads!

I got tired of the ads so I paid for the ad free version. Only problem is that they have buttons all over the place that will play ads if you accidentally hit them. It’s really easy to accidentally hit one of these buttons and then you are forced to watch a 30 second ad even when you paid for the ad free version! Very dishonest! I want a refund!

Great game, but the ads are awful

I really enjoyed this game. But the increased frequency of ads made it a chore. I’d gladly pay a couple of bucks for this without ads, but since that’s not an option I’m uninstalling it.

Don’t bother downloading

The game has so many ads that you can’t even play it enough to see if you like it.


Nice idea, but the choppiness of game play counteracts the game play mechanic. :(

Game crash

So I absolutely love this game and play it a lot. But this morning I restarted my phone and when I went to go play the game, I had lost everything. The whole game reset and all the stars I had and the levels I'd completed and my high score were all gone. I don't know what to do.

They sell your private data

I wouldn’t download this game or 1010 or anything by these developers. They are collecting your private data, and they are selling it. They won’t let you play unless you let them do it. They say they care about your privacy. They need to look up the definition of the word “care.”

Paid for no adds, but they still pop up...

I paid for no adds hoping for smoother playing and more fun. But they keep popping up. Hopefully this can be fixed because it ruins the fun knowing I was just cheated.

The lag!

I like to play this game when I don’t have cellular access and occasionally when I do. The challenges are a fun way to stave off boredom. This latest update, though, has introduced the most annoying lag. The game freezes at times, which makes reacting appropriately to the physics of the levels quite challenging. The whole screen will freeze for a moment and any blocks you tap during the time won’t register. This typically results in a collision that will end the level. I enjoy this game quite a bit and hope it’s addressed.


This game has been LAGGING so bad I can’t even play it! I can’t even get past a level without it lagging and glitching! Please fix ASAP or I’ll be uninstalling! This is one of my favorite games and I’d hate to see it go!

Turn off cell data access

This games started running poor after GDPR changes.. till I turned off it’s cell data access.

All You Do is Just Tap Blocks. Also, ADS are Annoying!

This game is Addictive!!! But, I have some reasons it’s pretty boring. 1: All you do is just tap blocks so you can get farther down. 2: For the skins, you have to get these coins to get a new skin. But, every time I try to get a skin, you have to have the amount of coins so you can get a new skin. 3: Every time I die, it goes to a AD!!!! I would not download this game, if you want ads every time you die it’s you

Glitches constantly

Trying to play and when it works, it’s so fun, but it constantly freezes making it impossible to improve

Invasion of privacy

This is a fun game, but recently they started asking you to let them access your data if you want to play, so I stopped playing. I do not suggest downloading this game.

Needs some fixing

It’s a great game but very glitchy and laggy. It’s crashed my phone before and will often times lag the game.

Decent game but stars for ads doesn’t work

It not a bad little time waster of a game. However, you don’t get credited for watching the ads. I’m missing a couple hundred stars (the currency for buying backgrounds) because after watching the ads on purpose I don’t get the credit. There are way too many ads that pop up during game play (no credit for being forced to watch those ads) to make this a game to play non-stop.


I enjoy 1010, passes time. Sometimes it get laggy. I paid extra for no advertising, but lately adds have been popping up😬 Or I will be taken to a bad website 😳while playing. What’s up?

ads playing without warning

ad infested


Garbage won't load


Best game I have ever played Never want to stop

Six! is a great game with a few issues

The idea and mechanics of this game are both great, and the game play would be super addictive if I didn’t limit myself to the three daily levels. However, one major request I have is for the developers to add an option to play with a black or dark grey background, instead of white. Maybe a switch to flip or a Night Mode option in settings. I have a headache pretty much every day and looking at the white screen is painful, even on my phone’s darkest setting. I’ve been playing on the St. Patrick’s Day theme this whole time because it has a dark green background, which is fine, I guess, but I can’t help but wonder how much longer it will be there considering it is now late May. Also, as many other reviewers have stated, the freezing and glitches are frustrating, and the ads are annoying (but understandable in a free game). Thanks!

Whenever I want.

I like this game, but only if I'm bored. I gave it a three, because it literally gives you a notification ever day to play it. Maybe you should change it to on each a week. But if you don't want to, I'll be fine. I can just turn of the notifications.


It so fun


Don’t watch the ads they don’t actually give any stars 🙄

Best Game Ever

This is literally the best game ever! It is really fun and addicting. I play this game for a really long time and when I’m done playing it my IPad is about 20%. This is a great time killer. This is the perfect game to play when you’re bored. You should download and play this game. This game is AMAZING!!!!!


I play this game a lot but it forces me to buy things you would never want. But at the same time is really fun.

Ads not paying

I click on the ad icon, which indicates an offering of 30 stars, but after the ad there’s no payout. This has actually been going on for over a week

Great game 👍

I absolutely love this Game I spend all my time on this game and I have like 8 other games! It is a great time-passing game!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I love this game but when I watch the videos to get stars, it doesn’t give me stars. And the game glitches a lot so I hit the wrong block and then I die and have to start over. But I guess it is still a fun game.


I can get caught up in this game for hours. At first I thought it would be impossible to learn, but it’s not and you get a lot of cfill hangers, nrat misses, and some incredible moves. I also think it’s a great game to keep your motor skills sharp. Even though it’s a puzzle it’s a puzzle that really makes you think about spatial orientation and I just love it. I’m still playing on the classic level. I need to get better at it before I move it ti hard. I am looking to move up to hate maybe next week. This is one truly addictive game that will keep you up all night. Things don’t get done during the day either. I can’t work because I’m disabled, no access to healthcare at the moment and it keeps my mind off my severe back injury. The minimalist games like 1010! & Stack awe games I like very much too.the game developers were more concerned with content, not how many in app purchases you need, plus all three are free. Highly recommend. Especially if you spend most of your day home alone.

Update the app please

After Apple’s update to ios 11.3.1 this game tends to lag a lot (iphone 8 plus). An app update so that it runs smoothly again would be nice.


Don’t bother. I paid $3.99 to remove ads and 30 seconds later another add popped up. Jerks!


For some reason when I’m ready to beat my highscore on speed mode BAM 45 second unskippable ad. This happened 3 times and I kind of want to punch the developers after being delayed from getting 200+ in speed.

A small problem

This isn't really a major problem but it is kinda confusing me. So you know how sometimes you can watch adds to get 30 stars? Yeah, I can watch the adds but I don't get the 30 stars after it (I know what a "catastrophe"). Anyway, the main thing I'm asking, is anyone else having this problem? If so, do you know how to fix it?


Fun game. Not worth putting up with so many long adds. I'd pay .99 to remove them but not 3.99. Later hosers.

Good game but...

It is a good game but when you watch ads to get bonuses it doesn't give you credit. Play and don't expect extras and you'll like it.

My favorite iOS game

I have just discovered a minor bug while cellular data is enabled, the game will lag causing blocks to not be taken out hence failing the level, once I disabled cellular data in the app settings the game ran as expected with no issues. I probably played 100 challenge levels in the last 2 days and I love this game!

Really Bad Lag

This is a fun game but, you could be on the verge of an amazing high score when... whoops the game lags and a block you know you touch does not break. Sad... an otherwise decent game not worth playing due to lag issues.

Read This is going to be a very short one

I love this game but there are way too many ads please take them away without having to got the priemun thanks for reading if you read it


Great game until you get past 4000 points and it crashes. I could play it all day if the developers would fix that bug.



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